Take part in our Cooking Classes in Tuscany
and learn how to create innovative recipes

At the Locanda di Pietracupa, cooks Monica and Franca organise Tuscan cookery courses for all those who want to learn the techniques, secrets and recipes of the dishes that have made Tuscany famous throughout the world.

At the Locanda di Pietracupa Restaurant, we know that the love that bonds our land to food is strong and unique, which is why the ingredients used by our chefs all come from the nearby territory as the foundation for a healthy, authentic and genuinely local cuisine.
With one eye on tradition and the other on innovation, our cooks will teach you how to make creative and simple dishes exactly as they feature on the Locanda’s restaurant menu.
With their expertise and friendliness, Monica and Franca will guide you through all the stages of preparing a dish, conveying the passion and emotions that are essential ingredients in any kitchen.


The cooking classes are held at La Locanda di Pietracupa in San Donato in Poggio (Florence)

The lessons are open to both beginners and people with some experience in the kitchen

A group (max 15 people) are set to work with seasonal ingredients

Photos from cooking classes

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